The Easy Way to Arrange Financing

Purchasing a home is a stress-free and simple process when your personal Mortgage Broker is taking care of the important transaction details. When you're well taken care of you can focus your energy on the more important tasks.. like what kind of furniture to put in Your new home!

A Mortgage Brokers' service involves:

  1. Understanding Your financial position & future goals
  2. Creating financing solutions to reach your goals
  3. Building the BEST Mortgage Application possible
  4. Gathering & reviewing the necessary documents to submit to the lender
  5. Advising You on top mortgage options aligning with your Goals
  6. Negotiating with various lenders for competitive interest rates & features 
  7. Ensuring the transaction flows smoothly from Pre-approval to Completion date
  8. Following up to make sure your financing needs are fully met

How much does it cost to use a Mortgage Broker? 

Mortgage Brokers' are paid two different ways depending on which lending category the client fits into: Prime or Sub-Prime

Prime Lending

Prime lenders include retail banks, local credit unions, and wholesale (monoline) lenders. Mortgage Brokers are paid a commission directly from the lender for arranging financing without any cost to our client. Professional service for free!


Clients who do not fit into the Prime lending space can find lending solutions through Sub-Prime lenders. These financing scenarios are considered to be higher risk to the lender and a premium is charged by the lender and split with the mortgage broker. All fees involved in the transaction are disclosed to the client upfront. 

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About Adam Sale

Adam's service focuses on educating his clients and promoting long-term financial strategies supporting cash-flow, affordability and wealth generation.

Adam is a licensed Mortgage Broker working out of the First Pacific Mortgage's office part of the Dominion Lending Centres franchise. Through DLC, Adam has access to hundreds of lenders across Canada, ensuring his clients always get an excellent mortgage product at the most competitive rates.

When Adam is not in the office you can find him exploring Vancouver's beautiful mountains and actively participating in various networking groups. Adam is Vice-Chair on the Vancouver's Board of Trade Outreach Committee and participates on several rec-sports teams.