Adam Sale is Your Personal Mortgage Expert. 

Your financial goals are personal, and you deserve success! My goal is to be a valuable part of your financial team and provide you with education on how the mortgage industry operates so you can avoid costly mistakes. 

I am honored to provide the following services for my clients: 

Exploring your goals, and finding the best possible mortgage solutions.

Putting together strong lending packages to recieve mortgage approvals quickly!

Creating budgeting scenarios, closing cost estimates, home equity reports, etc.

Providing investment plans to acquire 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th investment properties.

Outstanding post-transaction service.

My goal is to be a valuable part of your financial team and assisting you with growing generational wealth. 

About Adam Sale

Adam's mortgage brokering service focuses on financial education and promoting strategies to enhance flexibility, cashflow & wealth creation.

When not in the office you can find Adam snowboarding Vancouver's amazing mountains, participating in the community through non-profit events or relaxing with friends & family. 

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