Adam Sale is your personal financing advocate.

I help position you in a way that gets banks competing for your business and puts you in the best position for success.

I am proud to provide the following services for my clients: 

🎯Exploring needs & goals, and finding the best possible mortgage solutions
🎯Putting together strong lending packages and getting approvals quickly
🎯Building out budgeting scenarios, closing cost estimates, home equity reports, etc
🎯Creating investment plans to acquire 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th investment properties
🎯Providing outstanding service & ensuring the financing process goes smoothly

About Adam Sale

Adam's mortgage brokering service focuses on financial education and promoting strategies to enhance flexibility, cashflow & wealth creation.

Adam is well-versed in:

✅ First-Time Home Buyer Mortgage Programs
✅ Doctor/Physician Mortgage Programs
✅ Self-Employed: Sole-Proprietor & Incorporated Financing Strategies
✅ Bridge Financing Mortgages (Selling while Buying)
✅ Investment Property Mortgage Programs

When not in the office, Adam is exploring Vancouver's beautiful mountains or actively participating in the community through various non-profit events. 

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