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April 16, 2022 – Bank of Canada Rate Hike +0.5%

RRSP Benefit Strategy – First Time Home Buyers

This simple strategy can help first time home-buyers increase their down-payment by thousands of dollars! First-Time Home Buyers are allowed to withdraw $35,000 from their RRSP without paying any tax. In this video I’ll show you how transferring money from other accounts to maximize your RRSP to take advantage of this benefit can create a massive tax refund!

Do You want the Lowest interest rate or the Cheapest mortgage?

How will You Benefit from Canada’s stress-test changes?

3-Categories of Mortgages offered by Prime Lenders

Its RRSP Season again! Here’s a few need-to-knows in regards to RRSPs: First-Time Home Buyer program

Sub-Prime Mortgages Vs Prime Mortgages (Pt1)

Sub-Prime Mortgages Vs Prime Mortgages (Pt2)